D.R. Nanayakkara

As a veteran of Indiana Jones’ adventures, Sri Lankan screen legend Nanayakkara understood the perils of grail-seeking all too well: having been suitably penitent,  correctly spelling God’s name in Aramaic and leaping from the lion’s mouth with the appropriate amount of faith in the three challenges, he stumbled on a loose Sankara stone, fell into a shelf of false grails and landed, face-first, in the Font with several of the misleading chalices. Next thing you know, his facial skin was headed for his chest. The Grail Knight deemed it an ‘epic facepalm’.

Nanayakkara: Has friends from here to Dar es Salaam


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Welcome to They Chose Poorly - A Blog dedicated to those who drank from the wrong grail.

Inspired by the timely demise of Walter Donovan, Nazi stooge, from the telepicture Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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